Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You Don't Know

I didn't tell you everything, because well, I just didn't. I've learned that I don't have to answer every question that is asked of me nor do I have to tell every detail when I tell a story. Plus, it would have been damn long if I told all of it.

But, I will tell you this...

I was involved with some really bad people. They were setting up shop in Nashville. Down from the North East. Let your imaginations run wild. Seriously.

Now, imagine a 25 year old, extremely sheltered young woman that was CLUELESS that those people even existed, dropped into the middle of it. I started out as the main guy's housekeeper. He knew that I was smart. He groomed me. I started working for him doing office work. Eventually I helped him open three different businesses and became a management consultant.

It wasn't all bad. I learned volumes about the Futures and Stock Markets. How to handicap horses. How to start a business. I escorted him to the Rockhaven Nudist Colony in Murfreesboro, TN. There were lots of good times. That's what made it so hard. I really liked this man.

I'll tell you one more thing. That daring of God to save me. Did you wonder how that all worked out?

Kim and Suz, my buddies, forgot that I had told them that I wouldn't be around that night. When they both talked to me, they knew that I was drunk. This was rare for me. I'm just not a big drinker, plus I had asked her about diazepam, which is a sleeping pill. Kim got nervous and called the police. She convinced them to come check on me. All she had was a phone number and my name.

Kim gave the police my parent's phone number and they looked up the address. They arrived at my parents and knocked. No one came to the door. They used a battering ram to bust down two doors to get to me. They weren't even sure that I was in there.

If Kim and Suz had paid attention to the fact that I told them I wouldn't be around that night, I wouldn't be here.
If they'd just blown it off as me getting wasted, I wouldn't be here.
If the cops hadn't believed Kim, I wouldn't be here.
If the cops would have just knocked and left, I wouldn't be here.

Who saved me?

Was it Kim and Suz?
The cops?
Or was it God?


Penelope Anne said...

Divine intervention.....it has a way of working that way.
Saved my dad almost a year ago.
Saved me.
Saved you.

Dana said...

I don't care who it was that saved you, I'm just glad they did!

Aunt Jackie said...

Things have a way of working out for the greater good. We have guardians all the time, we have lessons to be learned. We're here for a reason until it's time for us to go...

Enjoyed reading this. You're very strong.

R.E.H. said...

I'd say all of the above. All of the above saved you.

And, all of us reading you will be thankful they did.

That is an amazing story in itself though. You were really meant to be saved.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Penelope Anne: I'm glad we're all here!

Dana: Me, too!

Jackie: Thanks.

REH: I think so, too.

Diva said...

The important thing is that everything came together and you are still here.

God bless ya, girlie!
xoxo Diva

Jay said...

I'm going to agree with REH. I don't wanna get to deeply philosophical here. Since I honestly have no idea anyway.

I'm just glad that those events all happened the way they did and the outcome was what it was.

Are you still in contact with your friends who called the police?

mackeydoodle said...


mackeydoodle said...

He used Kim,Lynn & the Police as his helpers.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Diva: I think you're right.

Jay: Nope, sadly I'm not. See, I was dating Pam, who was Kim's ex. Lynn was my ex. Lynn and Pam were very good friends. When I dumped Pam, everybody hated me. Lesbians are complicated. I think my girlfriend pool was WAY too small back then1

Mackey: Good point!

No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

hmmm...I don't go for the "divine intervention" theory, otherwise thousands of children wouldn't be in abusive homes tonight huddled in the corner begging god for help that will never come. Either way though, I'm glad that God or karma or coincidence... or all of the above saw fit to save you :)

coffeypot said...

If I say all the above and I win, what do I get? Who is going to tell me I won? Maybe in my dreams! Anyway, who ever it was, I thank them. The world would be a sadder place if you weren't here.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Fortune: Hmmm...so you believe that there are coincidences? I see your point. Very interesting.

Coffeypot: Thanks, and you do win. Your check's in the mail. ;)

Jen said...

I guess you were front page news for a while back then. One of my oldest and dearest friends is of your clan & I used to joke with her that I'm filling out an application to join when I couldn't find a decent man. She'd jest right back, "We're not taking applications. We have no room." All this to say, your circle of friends are like her small circle of friends - I think that is just the way of it. She used to be front page news for so very long. . . . golly, those days were tough on her.

Not that us breeders don't have our problems either. I just understand what you're saying.

I think God found a really good way to work this out. I'm happy about that.

g-man said...

He works in mysterious ways, with us and through us and for us.

I'm glad you are here too.


Sully Erna from Godsmack says that life is a path, a series of roads and actions that lead to where you are now. Sometimes you control the path and other times it controls you. On that day and that moment your path lead to healing.

Southern Sage said...

a combo of course!!
Glad it turned out the way it did.

Raven said...

All of the above!!
Thanks for sharing your story.
You are an amazing person!

RockDog said...

Just glad that you are here! :D

tt said...

Mysteries sometimes keep us going don't they.
It's said that some ppl come into our lives for a reason and some just for a season. Each gives us what we need at the time.I'd say, there was a reason they were in your life for a season.
Hi, I'm tt........nice to know you!:)

Diane J Standiford said...

We turn right instead of left, our lives and those of all change. You live. That matters. Most grave events are just that simple. Strong for you to expose this part of your LIFE.

motherx said...

Personally I think you saved yourself. You must have pulled some extra strength from within you somewhere and thought "ENOUGH!" I know I did and Im a firm believer that you can only sink so long then after that the only way is UP! Im very glad you found it! XXX

The Mistress of the Dark said...

There's a nudist colony in Murfeesboro? I have a friend that lives in that town. O geeze! I'll have to tease her about that now.

Doc said...

God works through your friends

Matt-Man said...

I agree with some of the others. It was a serendipitous combination of all three. Cheers!!

buffalodickdy said...

All of the above.

Tammie Jean said...

I just read your whole story, and I think it's a brave thing you did. Revisiting those events and telling the story with detail and feeling couldn't have been easy for you. And I admire that you did it all to help a friend (or anyone that may need help).

Samantha Alice said...

You dared Him. Serves you right.


Thanks for sharing your story. I work in Mental Health, and it's so good to read the success stories.

Suicide is one thing you definitely want to suck at.