Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey Ya'll...It's ME!

I'm recovering from a little cloud in my chest. That's what they saw on the X-Ray yesterday. A little upper respiratory infection that makes me sound all sexy, like Brenda Vacarro!

Fortunately, I'm on some good meds and am on the mend for my date with Fortune Cookies this Saturday! I'm so excited to meet my local blogging buddy!

I'm picking her up at 10am and she's going to have some fantastic coffee ready for me. Then we'll head to a "Take Flight" art workshop where we'll be using mixed media to either get rid of something that we want to send out into the Universe or bring something closer. Should be lots of fun!


Now, about my guest blogger....

How're you liking the blossoming lesbian story? It's fixin' to get really good! I've already read the next installment, but you know how I like to keep you all on the edges of your seats. You'll just have to wait a little bit to find out what happens next.

I'm wondering what you think about it though.

Is it cheating if your husband said...20 years ago...that he wouldn't mind if you did something like this? Should she tell him what she's doing? Why do you think she's keeping it a secret?

Would you be okay with it if your wife decided to have a girlfriend?

What do you think the pitfalls of this could be?

Could you/would you entertain the thoughts of a little girl on girl action on the side? Would your husband mind? Would you tell him?

Remember, this is really happening. LuAnne is meeting Emma THIS Saturday!


SkylersDad said...

Hope you feel better soon, and are willing to share any drugs you have left-over!

Nolens Volens said...

I hope you'll recover in time for Saturday. As for your questions, I'm the husband and I already went over this with my wife. I'm all for her quest to explore her sexuality with another woman. She's had 3 good experiences so far and wants more. It helps that my mother is gay too. :)

Grant said...

Respiratory infections is so sexy. I hope they're not ruining it with some naughty antibiotics.

Seriously - antibiotics suck. I'd say I avoid them like the plague, but I'd rather have plague.

Karen said...

Glad you are feeling better. And I am jealous you are going to hang out with FC this weekend.

Dana said...

I do hope you are feeling better! Chase that darn cloud away!!

As far as the questions go ... hmmm ...

I think honesty is always the best policy, but I can certainly see how a husband might see cheating as ... well ... cheating, no matter if it was with a woman or a man. Personally (and likely due to my experiences) I know them to be two very different relationships. I also tend to think that love comes in many forms and it is possible to love two people - simultaneously - without taking anything away from the other. But I'm a bit of an odd duck.

Anonymous said...

Feel better!

I think she should tell her hubby. Shouldn't be a problem IF he is ok with it. If he is ok with it then why keep it a secret?

Khadra said...

I love the guest story.

In my first marriage I did meet a woman and hook up with her. It started out as us and my husband and then it was just us. I am remarried now to a man, and while I still think about what it would be like to be with a woman again, I dont think he would like it much. I have always been attracted to both men and women. I would consider myself bi.

Have fun this Saturday. Hope you feel better.

Bina said...

I've entertained the thought but don't think I would ever do it. I WOULD feel like I'm cheating, but I don't think other people are cheating when they do it, if that makes any sense at all. And if I did, I would NEVER tell my husband because I can guarantee he would want in on the action, and if I said no, he would be totally pissed off. It just wouldn't be worth the turmoil, ya know?

Oh, and I'm LOVING the story!

Bond said...

OK, I have been remiss in reader your guest blogger's story, but just took the last half hour at work and read each chapter.

It is quite the adventure LuAnne is on.

The slip-up by Emma causes me some concern. having ben on the internet for over 10 years now and having spent many of those early years in chat rooms and having 'cyber-meetings' with women...I found that so many are not telling who they really are.

I have even spoken on the phone with some and then found out the pictures (and I do not mean one, I mean many pictures from an individual) were total BS..that the lives they described were total BS...that they were in it for the thrill of 'suckering someone into their little play' as it were.

Meeting in the mall is a great idea.

Now, as to you, I am hoping you are feeling better and you take care of yourself.

I know we are newly acquainted, but as I have said before, I like it here and want you to be healthy (though a smokey voice is something that has always made me melt! LOLOLOL)

I also want The Couch to become an addiction for you! LOL of my bad features!

Scarlet said...

Honesty is important in a relationship...but so is being true to yourself. If it were me, I'd tell him and face the consequences...and I'd also tell him: "No, you can't watch and no, you can't participate!" lol

I hope you feel better and I'm looking forward to hearing about your Saturday.

dguzman said...

I came across your blog (and this great story) quite by accident, and I'm so glad I did!

Feel better soon!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

well, I would like you to feel better, and what your friend is doing is her living her own life, but I wouldn't want something like that to happen to us

Jay said...

Hope your feeling near 100% when you hang out with FC!

I think people need to be honest. With each other and with themselves.

Knight said...

1) I hope you start feeling better and have a great time this weekend.

2) I love the story but where did your story go?

3) My boyfriend is not okay with me sleeping with women because it is cheating. I agree. If I were currently dating a woman I don't think she would be okay with me sleeping with another man.

Craze said...

Hope the drugs kick in and you feel better soon. How fun to be meeting up with a fellow blogger!!

Yes, I do consider it cheating if you are hiding it from your spouse. The pitfalls could be that they fall in love (or not) and want to continue the relationship - at some pointI would think they would have to tell their husbands. On the other hand if they find this lifestyle to be true to their hearts it could have a wonderful ending - they will be living an authentic life, with or without each other. I'm LOVING the story!

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Very interesting story! Riveting, actually. Yeah, for me it's cheating, even if 20 years ago hubby said he wouldn't mind. Even if yesterday he said he wouldn't mind it's still cheating on the marriage, if not on him.

Laurel said...

I had an affair with a married lady once. She had told me that the husband did not consider it cheating because it was with a woman.
He discovered what we were up to after a year and a half of this going on behind his back. After that he pretty much kept her from seeing me and made a few threats via the phone.
Funny how it changed his mind and all of a sudden it was cheating...

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Hope you feel better soon. I don't think my husband would mind he probably would be relieved since he has no interest and I'm still in that race.

Shania said...

It's a great story and I can't wait to find out what happens next! It's mean mean mean of you to make us wait. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I would be worried it would turn out like Ross on Friends and only be a spectator ...

I kid my wife about bringing home one of her co-workers.


Sabrae said...

Well I am thouroughly enjoying this story :) Love the blog! I find it kinda funny tho! My ex-husband knew that I was bi when we married and even boasted about the fact to his friends and wanted a 3 some.... lol but when faced with it he totally backed out! So I think men are all talk when it comes to the girl on girl just to make themselves seem all macho!!! hahahahaha needless to say I am much much happier now that I have my wife and I am truly admiting to myself who I really am! :) Hope you feel better soon!

Kate said...

I am a bit old-fashioned in my thinking when it comes to relationships and loyalty.
So I think it would be cheating for the women to meet up and start a relationship. If she is going to do it, I think she should tell her husband.

I think she's keeping a secret because for one she's not sure where it will go - but also, it can be fun to do something risque and keep it all to yourself.

I am a lesbian with a partner - and it would not be ok with my partner if I did something like this. Just as I would not be ok with it if she were to do it.

I would not entertain those thoughts. Not only would my partner mind. I would mind.

I cheated once - it was phone sex. And even though the guy I was seeing at the time, and I, were almost over with - he was cheating on me - we fought a lot..
I still deep in my heart felt I was wrong to do that. So I know I couldn't do it now.

If I felt strongly enough about my feelings for someone else. I would talk to my partner about it.
And take it from there.
But honestly, I have learned the grass is not greener on the other side.

So I know I just wouldn't do it.

I like reading the story. The writer is very gifted/talented.

Hope you are feeling better soon!


ambergail77 said...

My husband knows I am bisexual. I have not however had any contact with a woman while we have been married that was not visible to him. There was no actual sex, just some kissing and groping. He of course is 'all about' the HLA, but I think if it came down to the situation and him not being involved that he would not want it to happen. So I believe if the situation were to arise for me to persue another relationship with a female, that I would have a difficult time with the decision to tell or not tell. I have never cheated on anyone that I have been in a relationship with so this would definitely be a huge moral dilemma for me.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Jormengrund said...

The guest story ROCKS.

As for the questions, let me blunt here.

As a husband, if I'd told my wife something, then I've got to stick by it. If I tell her to go find some female companionship, then I shouldn't have any issues with where she finds that companionship.

My only desire would be that she'd let me know her progress, so that if/when there are any surprises, I'm not caught wondering what happened.

Anything else is just me giving her the trust that she knows herself, and that she can find what she's looking for.

Yeah, naive a bit, dreaming in others, but it's what I would do, to be honest!

Jessica said...

Hope you feel better soon! :)

I'm so excited for you guys!! The art class sounds like so much fun.

Your questions are interesting. I think honesty is always the best policy. And everyone's situation is different. My husband might say it would be hot if I met with another girl, but if the situation really happened he would consider it cheating.

Micky-T said...

It's a lie, a very big lie.
It's cheating, and it could destroy a relationship. Period!

Good story though!

Fortune Cookies said...

I so friggin psyched about the class! It's gonna be a lot of fun.
I'm lovin' the story. I say people should always be honest and loyal to the boundaries defined within their personal relationship.

Slyde said...

the story is fantastic...

but make no bones about it, it is clearly cheating.... calling it anything but is just rationaling it..

Anna Lefler said...

Sorry to hear about the little "cloud" in your chest, but the whiskey voice is always a crowd-pleaser... ;^)

Feel better soon and, BTW, the story is awesome...I'm hooked in!

Happy Halloween...

~ Anna

nitebyrd said...

Have fun this weekend! I'll catch up on the story.

Burfica said...

I've loved reading!!!! I don't think there is anything wrong with it if both parties say it's okay.

I wouldn't do any extra curricular, I'm to dam tired to keep up with one. hahahahaha

Tiggerlane said...

AAARRGGHH! (hangin on the edge of the seat!)

My hubby would say cheating is cheating. Period.

And most people don't enter affairs OR relationships with any thought to how they might END...

I think she's keeping it a secret b/c she's still not sure about Emma, and why spill the beans on something that still might turn into nothing?

Dianne said...

feel better sweetie! and Happy Halloween

wish I was meeting you, that would be fun! I sound like Brenda too, sometimes when the sinuses go crazy.

We'd make a fortune at phone sex ;)

I hate secrets. And I don't believe in monogamy. And I think most people are on a sexuality spectrum.

So I guess if the husband said it was OK then I'd tell him. I can see keeping it a secret because secrecy is sexy to some people.

I've never slept with a woman but have often thought I would/could. I can easily name many women I find sexually interesting.

I think you're hot ;)

tt said...

I bet your sweetie is lovin that husky voice...especially when you're whispering sweetness in her ear!
Hope you're feeling better soon!
As for the question....Hummmm, I'm a giving and sharing person...but...there's always a but isn't there...;)...mmmm, Lovee isn't on my sharing list. And I'm not on his.I'll share love and friendship and anything else I have if you need it...a little wine or a shoulder...but not my Lovee. That little green eyed monster would rear it's mafugly head and pose too many questions.
I don't judge anyone for what they do.,...but for me...Ummm,

Brad said...

There could never be enough references to Brenda Vacarro in the world. Love that woman.

Akelamalu said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling 100%, I'll remember you when I'm sending out Reiki m'dear.

I just got back from our Poland trip late last night so am doing catchup on blog reading and have caught up on the story. I can't wait for the next instalment! :)

James said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. I just came in late on chapter 7 of the story. I will have to go away and think about it before comment. Maybe read the previous chapters too.

James said...

OK me again.I just read the whole thing so far. But before that while still at work I thought about it for a whole hour after reading just part 7.
Yes, it is cheating but it has made me think a lot. Are there circumstances where an affair is OK? Is it possible for a woman to have a "limited" affair where no-one gets hurt? She already said all her reasons why another married woman, and they were exactly the same ones I thought of. It somehow makes a big difference that they are both in stable happy marriages.
A meeting is inevitable.The next step is to ascertain if Emma is genuine.
I don't think she should tell her husband anything at this stage if at all.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I'm 55 and my wife is 49. We've been through heaven and hell together.
If something as trivial as an affair is going to break us up, so be it, but frankly, I know it won't.
I love my wife and she loves me. We're too old to go out and do it all over again. Plus, we are incredible together as a couple in so many ways. I'll never find anyone as smart and right for me and she know the same is true for her.
An affair is NOT going to change that. I know she would always be discrete. If she wants to play around I've got no real problem with it, nor does she.
Monogamy is a human construction and pretty much unnatural.

~Jobthingy~ said...

holy shit.. i didnt know this was in real time. i thought it had already happened. LOL

im just so into the story i guess i never payed attention to the time line.

now then, onto the question. yes its cheating, in my eyes. i have been cheated on and i know how it hurts. so therefor i dont believe in it, no way no how.

BUT... i am not shy, and will share. in fact i had a romp with a woman not that long ago with the man in the room. he knew about it, we discussed it, we wanted to do it and we did. and had a blast actually.
so open relationships god.. cheating bad.

i hope you feel better quick. those damn things can linger forever.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better soon, if not already! I had a cold for 3 weeks...and now another one is trying to bring me down again. Hate it!
I'm REALLY enjoying this guest story. I agree with Dianne r/e the spectrum thing - some people are 100% one way and some are 50/50...or 60/40. Whatever! :) Anyway, as to whether or not it's cheating, and whether or not she should tell her husband, only she knows, in her heart of hearts what's right and what's best. The varied responses in the comments are a clear indication that everyone is different, and that each relationship has different boundries. For me, honesty is #1, because I do not function well with dishonesty on either end of the relationship.
I hope your story is coming back soon, too!