Thursday, June 19, 2008

Struggles and a MIRACLE

But I don't know what the miracle is just yet. I've been trying a new diet. More whole foods. More fruits and veggies. And I'm fuckin' miserable. I did okay the first week. Then bam, I hit the wall of cake and ice cream.

Every day, when I got home from my day of perfection at the office, I flew into a junk food craze.

Therefore, I'm rethinking my plan. Yesterday, I told this to one of my support people. She's the only person that I know that has done what I want to do. I asked her to help. She said yes. I'm still amazed that she's my advisor. I am so thrilled to have her wisdom. I told her of my plight with carbs and sweets and frankly, junk in general lately.

Her response:

"Actually, I've got a little something for that carb craving - something I was introduced to by a vegetarian friend of mine. Don't be afraid ... I think you'll be pleasantly surprised! It will curb the carb craving, make you feel like you've just eaten something "naughty" and provide a good dose of protein for under 150 calories!"

What the hell? Fuckin' skinny people keeping secrets from the fatties again!

I thought I knew about everything. I read. I google. I keep informed.

I have heard nothing of this, this, this MIRACLE.

But I'm so excited to get it. It'll be here next week.

More importantly though, is to have someone to turn to. Someone who has been there, done that. Someone who can understand the struggle. Someone, when I'm standing in the forest of junk food trees can say, "Look there's a clearing!"

A big ol' thank you to my buddy, my advisor, my friend. Soon I'll be posting a pic of her painting that is in progress. It's not what she wanted, but it's from my heart and I actually wrote my intentions for her on the canvas before I started.

She'll get what she wants later. She's gotta earn that with a couple of miracles first!


Akelamalu said...

What is it???????

I need it!!!!!!

Dana said...

Hmmmm ... you'll have to post this miracle solution next week so that all of the rest of blogspere can have a stab at it, although I bet there are one or two out there who have been keeping this all to themselves!

I'm looking forward to seeing your work in progress. I have no doubt that the recipient will THRILLED with whatever you've created. By the way, how did your neighbor like his roses??

Karen said...

What is it? Let us in on the miracle.

Jay said...

Yeah, don't be keeping this miracle a secret!! ;-)

Brad said...

I love how you studiously avoided mentioning the miracle food. Hang in there sweets - you can do it.

Leighann said...

It's very tough! Since giving up my Mountain Dew and changing my eating habits I've lost nearly 20lbs since the beginning of May!

If I can do it ANYONE can!

Leighann said...

Oh yeah, and Leslie Sansone has been kicking my butt power walking too!

Real Live Lesbian said...

THAT is precisely the problem, guys! She won't tell me what it is! I just have to wait until it comes to the front door.

THEN we'll all know the secret!

SkylersDad said...

I bet I know what it is - Meth!!

tt said...'d the Rose painting go over??? Hope you'll share the one you're doing...
Can't wait for the 'miricle'...maybe it's something as simple as a you can see just how gorgeous you already are...maybe?

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie!
Whatever her secret food is, the real miracle is inside you. You had the gumption to recognize that you had fallen and you're damned well doing something about it. All the secret foods in the world will get you nowhere if you don't step up and do it yourself. Ain't no magic there. It's all you baby! Go for it!


Tall Man Molly said...

Does an ice cream and cake wall hurt when you hit it?

Biscuit said...

I have to agree with FMD. I had lots of ways to trick myself and control my cravings (I lost 30 lbs three years ago), but what it really boiled down to was will power.

I can't wait to find out what it is!

Em said...

Two books I highly recommend: Intuitive Eating and Mindless Eating

And I'm anxious to hear about this miracle. I bet it's a baked potato.

Tequila Mockingbird said...

OMG, as soon as you know you MUST tell us!

KellyKline said...

I'm considering stalking you, looking in your mailbox, checking your front door step, and going through your garbage.

I need to know what this miracle food is, too!

So ... if you promise to just tell us all when you find out what it is, we can avoid me having to exert myself that way. ;)

Fortune Cookies said...

"What the hell? Fuckin' skinny people keeping secrets from the fatties again!"
you crack me up!
Oh! I'm dyin' here! I need that secret miracle carb craving cure!! Do tell as soon as it arrives.

Beth said...


Cap'n Ergo Jinglebollocks said...

never forget the wise words of Garfield the Cat, circa the 80s: "DIET is DIE with a T!!"

Hammer said...

I try to keep junk food out of the house or just buy sugar free versions of everything. It helps somewhat.

Anonymous said...

I of course was wondering why you didn't tell us fatties!
but I see the answer.
I'll definitely be for finding out what it is!

Dianne said...

Well it'a already a bit of a miracle for me. I spent so much time guessing what it might be I'm not hungry anymore!

at the moment ... ;)