Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Miracle: Unveiled

Yesterday, I arrived home from a day at the office to see a huge box on my doorstep. It was hidden by the UPS guy in the usual way. My doormat gently placed over top, so that the side writing was still visible.

What is it? Glenny's Soy Something or other?

I burst into the house and tear the box open. Now this is no small box. This is a huge box! Full of every variety of soy crisps that you've ever dreamed of.

There are:

Lightly salted
Apple Cinnamon
Cool Ranch
Onion and Garlic
White Cheddar
Salt and Pepper
Sea Salt
Olive Oil
How to choose? There are sooo many!

This is the miracle that my buddy's been teasing me about. Under 150 calories. 140 for a bag to be exact. Cures the carb craving with very few carbs. I am skeptical.

I rip open the bag. Taste my first soy chip. Oooh, it's good! No, it's great. Crispy with tons of little sprinkly vegetable flakes and salt all over it.

I ate the entire bag. I was satisfied.

I didn't even think about wanting something else until dinner.

Thanks, my friend! You are my weight-loss hero!


Anonymous said...

I think i have seen those around the house somewhere
glad you figured out the secret!
good luck!!

Karen said...

I eat them all the time. They sell them at Trader Joe's near my office. They are good stuff.

Fortune Cookies said...

I heart soy crisps! They're awesome! I get 'em at World Market and sometimes find them at Publix. Good Stuff for sure!

tt said...

Geezlouise!!! I've never heard of them. BUT...I've gotta find some and try it. If you say they're good and satisfied you...that's golden in my book! the web site is chock full of delicious info isn't it! Ummmm, brownies.....i'm getting hungry now...gotta go!

Hammer said...

Cool! I'm going to try them now.

Cap'n Ergo Jinglebollocks said...

would I be putting a crimp in things if I simply said, "feh"??

Dana said...

The brownies and the brown rice/marshmallow treats are AWESOME too! I really like ordering direct from Glenny's - no shipping charges on orders over $30 - I save about $0.25 on each bag when I buy them online.

I'm glad you like them and I hope to offer you a few more secret foods along the way!

Akelamalu said...

Soy crisps??? You have to tell us if they work!

Talisman said...

The caramel ones are AWESOME! I'm so jealous. *glares at Dana*

Biscuit said...

Those things are awesome! We ate lots of them when Heath was on a special diet. My favorite ones are the cinnamon.

Lu' said...

OK but what do you do if you are a Miss Fatty Carbsanytime and you are adversly effected by soy?

Matt-Man said...

I just can't get past the word, "soy". It's just an ugly word. Cheers Real!!

Claudia said...

Soy crisps rule.

g-man said...

My local grocery sells some soy crisp things that are pretty good. I noticed myself feeling more satisfied after eating them too. I think it is the protein.

I'm glad you found some satisfaction. Here is to healthy eating.

Michael said...

Thanks for the link to Glenny's... I shall be trying some of these immediately!

Anonymous said...

Glad to find out it wasn't some flaky sort of pill or powder shake thingy. Sounds like a reasonable snack and I hope it continues to do the job. I have personally adopted the weight loss shake, a-la slimfast, but have found the cheaper, Kirkland (Costco) variety to be just as good. 230 calories and they so far seem to keep me going through the day. Good luck to both of us!


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Where do these come from and how much do they cost? I get terrible cravings from the time I get home from work til dinner on non-gym days.

My diet is dying a horrible death :(