Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Fit For Humans

First off, don't google "rip your head off." Trust me on that.

Today, I don't feel "right."




So, since I have nothing nice to say....

Head on over to Vodka Mom's and enter her giveaways HERE and HERE.

P.S. Two teenagers just walked by and obviously decided NOT to come into my offices. Smart boys.


phd in yogurtry said...

I guess those boys pheromones were working double time, eh? Lucky for them.

Love the I.V. Patron idea. Would save on the cost of mixers.

Nadja Norden said...

Dear ♥Real Live Lesbian ♥
It’s YOU who are SMART, Smart Woman!
Lovely greetings from Antwerp☼,

SkylersDad said...

Would the IV replace or just supplement my prescription pain killer meds? ;^)

loveandbooze said...

Depite your warning I had to Google, "rip your head off." Interesting stuff. But, you were right.

Hope your day gets better!

chocdrop said...

A Patron drip is not such a bad idea. Do you realize how much happier most would be?????

KPChicago said...

Love the Patron Drip----so need it now!

Dana said...

You? Have nothing nice to say? I find that terribly hard to believe!

Aunt Jackie said...

Hahaha cool, I love it.

Now I must go and google "rip your head off". I just must.

Anonymous said...

I love VodkaMom's blog, I am there every day!