Thursday, April 17, 2008

Am I Writing To You?

My hope for you is that you find that love that you so desperately want and need. Don't settle. Don't give up. Hop over that fence and sit on the grass for just a moment. But, don't wait for love. Live your life. Love your family. Love your children. Love your friends. Love YOU.

You are important. You deserve. You need. You want. This is your one time.

Tell people how you feel. Your emotions are valid. If they don't listen. Find someone who will. One person doesn't have to be your everything. But they should be enough.

Never give up. You are worth the effort.

No Place That Far

Artist: Sara Evans
Album: No Place That Far

I can't imagine, any greater fear
Then waking up, without you near
And though the sun, will still shine on
My whole world, would all be gone
But not for long

If I had to run
If I had to crawl
If I had to swim a hundred rivers
Just to climb a thousand walls
Always know that I would find a way
To get to where you are
There's no place that far

It wouldn't matter, why we're apart
The lonely miles, two stubborn hearts
And nothing short, of God above
Could turn me away, from your love
I need you that much

If I had to run
If I had to crawl
If I had to swim a hundred rivers
Just to climb a thousand walls
Always know that I would find a way
To get to where you are
There's no place that far
Baby there's no place that far


Ginormous Boobs said...

Wow, this is an awesome post!

Dana said...

I keep reading this post - doing my best to swallow back the tears - and I can't find any words ...

Real Live Lesbian said...

Ginormous: Thanks

Dana: You don't need any words. Just know that there are those of us that are wishing the best for you and know that you will find treasures beyond your wildest dreams....if you will only go looking for them.

Naughty Endevours said...

Ok, I know this wasn't directed at me, but damn girl, I needed to hear that.


Real Live Lesbian said...

Naughty: I had a feeling that it might need to be heard by more than one person.

Micky-T said...

I tried to write a comment to this post but,failed. You see, I'm really just a big softy!

I've gone back to that picture and looked into her face.

You wrote a very nice post today!

Leighann said...

Very well said. I tried and tried to post her a comment that would do but I couldn't find the words.


Fortune Cookies said...

well put and so true. these are words that I think everyone should take to heart!

Anonymous said...

Excellent advice. Whoever that is for would do well to take it and follow it.
Everyone is worth the effort and everyone deserves happiness.
well said

Kate said...

Don't know who the words were directed towards, but I'll be selfish and read them personally because I needed to hear them. Thank you.

Seamus said...

A well stated reminder!

I Smile 2 Much said...

Wow. You have an amazing way with words. Heartfelt and sooo true, what an inspiring encouragement and reminder. I absolutely luv'd reading this. Keep sharing! ; )


R.E.H. said...

Some good words to take to heart.

Thank You. (Even though they weren't really for me)

Jen said...

I'm am lucky. I am blessed.

Thanks for this today. I needed it.

g-man said...

Nicely said. Absolutely true.

HRH Courtney, Queen of Everything said...

Yeah, I know it wasn't directed at me either, but um, how'd you get inside my head?
Thanks. Those were beautiful words.

KellyKline said...

Hey RLL ...

I, too, know that this wasn't written to me, but I can feel its' power. Had I read this about 3 years ago, it would have definitely applied to me. Thankfully, I've finally realized all of those things you just said were true about myself, especially the points that I am important and that my emotions are valid.

It took a LOT to get my life to change, but I am now happy. Happier than I've ever been. And it's mostly because of people in my life that supported me and cheered me on, just like you are doing for whoever this post is for. So I want you to know that your words make a difference.

And the song ... the song is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to email the lyrics to my love right now.

kel said...

I know this is a really old post, but I just found your blog today. Thanks for writing this, its something I needed to hear today!