Tuesday, February 5, 2008

And Now For Some Of The Rest of the Questions

Roger said... My sister is a seasonal Lesbian, thats what I call her lol. She cant make up her mind, she will go out with a guy for while breakup & then say "all guys are assholes", then she will go out with a girl for while breakup & say "well girls talk to much" My question, is my sister going nuts?

Your sister sounds like she's squarely in the middle of the queertinuum. And she's right. All guys are assholes and girls do talk to much. If she's dating men and women...she probably already IS nuts!

RockDog said... In less than 10 words, what is the meaning of life?
Hot Lemon said... What's the meaning of life? (hell, maybe you know and if I'm too shy to ask, I'll ne'er find out!!)

Have fun and learn all you can. I have three words left, but I think that sums it up.

Blissfully Wed said...And now I can't think of a darned thing. Ugh. Can I take a raincheck on the offer? We'll buy you a drink at a local watering hole sometime.

Of course! My favorite past time: drinking and talking. You're on!

Dana said... I've heard that the lesbian community can (generally) be somewhat judgmental and exclusive and that they do not look highly upon women who have been with men - that somehow they aren't "real live lesbians" if they've been tainted by men. Is there any truth to this?

Kinda. I remember when I was younger that this was the case. However, as things have loosened up and more straight women are crossing over...not so much. We're just happy to have the new blood. And not everybody figures it out before they're married or have dated.

We actually discussed this at breakfast over the weekend. Everyone at the lodge had had sex with a man. I haven't since 1981. I won.

One of us had a three-way with two guys only a year ago. She was bored. WTF? I've NEVER been THAT bored!

One of us had been married and the other two had had boyfriends into their 30s.

I was crowned Ms. I'm So Gay!

Aunt Jackie said... I'll make my question sexy :) What is your favorite way that you and your girl sexually please one another? What is the one move that your girlfriend does that sends you reeling over the edge??

Oh my! Well, frankly, I like it all...but my favorite is cunilingus with penetration. And to my sweetheart...that little thing you do to my ass at the very end...perfection! Yeah, I want it ALL!

motherx said... Are you happy? and have you ever been in a straight relationship beforehand?

Yes, I am happy. Which is odd for me, because I never have been before. I'm not sure if it's because I'm older and don't expect one woman to be my "everything" or if it's because my girl is so great. And no, I guess I haven't really been in a straight relationship. I had boyfriends when I was 15, but I don't really think that counts, do you?

There...more answers to the questions that inquiring minds want to know! I have some more...but I thought that was enough for today. I've gotta keep you guys coming back!

This is my busy time at work, but I'm making my way around to you all! If you haven't seen me, I may have been by and not had time to comment...but I am reading. Trust me. I know what you're doing.


Jay said...

I actually didn't realize you hadn't answered all the questions yet!

Boy Aunt Jackie just got the heart of the matter, didn't she? LOL .. That's why we all love her so much. ;-)

Hot Lemon said...

yeah, but I'm not having any fun at all... What th' hell am I doing wrong?

Real Live Lesbian said...

Jay: I like to take my time. ;) And yes, she does!

Hot Lemon: You need to masturbate more.

katy said...

and i never asked a question, every time i thought of one someone else had asked it! but am loving reading all the answers.
is your girl fully recovered?

R.E.H. said...

More interesting answers... but I can't get past that one - the answer to Aunt Jackie there...

Hmmm... You hinted at that "thing you do to my ass at the end". Now, I need to know what that is - maybe it's something a guy could pick up on and do to his woman to make her go wild ;)

Jen said...

oh! oh! oh! Can I wear your "Ms. I'm So Gay" crown?! I heart me crowns - being that I'm a princess and all.

Love that!

Hammer said...

Great answers.

I think men haters that cross over end up really hurting people when they decide that they really aren't a biological lesbian and dump their partners to go back to the other side.

Leighann said...

mmmm feed my need for information!!

Em said...

Oh I like these questions. And very good answers too. I especially like the Aunt Jackie q and a, perhaps you should elaborate.

And congrats on becoming Ms. I'm So Gay. What an honor! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Id admire your honesty! Lovely to hear you are happy though as so many people arent these days. You sound very content. I can quite honestly say hand on heart...I rarely think about the S word. Supose that makes weird...
I have noticed that some lesbians are a bit hostile.Glad to see Im not the only one who noticed as do tend to get rather paranoid.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Katy: Glad you're enjoying and yep, almost all better!

captain corky said...

I'm half way there to understanding the meaning of life. I'm real good at having fun. REAL good. ;)

elizabeth said...

Yep - but the meaning of life should include some red wine. Otherwise - spot on.

Biscuit said...

Oh oh oh!!! Such a fan of that form of pleasuring :)

Is it warm in here?

Dana said...

CONGRATULATIONS on being crowned Ms. I'm So Gay!

It's good to hear that ALL sides are becoming a bit more "tolerant" (I don't like that word, but can't think of a better one) of where people are and how they got there.

tt said...

You're so brave!
I Love it..;)

Jahooni said...

I knew this was Lesbian 101 class, glad I signed up! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have to say, that with all my heart...and I am a GUY...I don't honestly think I am an asshole

buffalodickdy said...

Thanks for being so candid. Interesting and informative- we all got to keep learning!

tt said...

My wee one kept trying to "get used" to guys, even to the point of becoming engaged but then calling it off 3 weeks before the wedding. Thank God!! I think she was trying to please people other instead ofthan herself. I love and adore her partner and I'm so glad she's finally being true to herself. I hope one day she's as confident as you.

The Mama Bear said...

Crap I missed the chance to ask questions???
Well, I have some bloggie bling for ya' baby...
and should you ever have time to answer more questions.

1. Describe your perfect night out
2. Descibe your perfect night at home
3. You've been stranded, just you and your sweetie, what 10 things would complete you together and life would be so grand?

Your Mama Bear

Matt-Man said...

Great answers. And congrats on being crowned Ms. I'm So Gay. I knew you had it in you. Cheers!!

Diva said...

I'm praying you're ok with the storms. We lost 2 to the Green Grove tornado.

Riding the fence gives a look into the insanity of both sexes...

Congrats on being crowned. You deserve a blinged out tiara fo shizzly.

Sornie said...

From a first-time reader I have to say that the quality of both the questions and answers is amazing!

Jay said...

Hey, were you in the path of those storms? They were really bad. Hope everything is good there.

Anonymous said...

Tell them how it is girlfriend!

Congrats on the crown!

Aunt Jackie said...

Yay Me!!! Thanks for that answer. I love to know what makes people tick, and what everyone likes. It's no different than what Mr. J and I might enjoy doing for one another. Just dirty lil me had to know!! :D

Thanks for that Jay! I try.