Thursday, December 9, 2010


Yesterday, I was planning a trip for next Christmas. Just me and my mom. She's always wanted to go to New York to see it decorated for Christmas. Neither of us have ever been.

As I was sitting at my desk talking to my Dad, my uncle came in and heard what I was planning for next Christmas. "Lisa's going next week and doesn't have anybody to go with her. Why don't you two go with her. She has VIP tickets to the Nate Berkus Show."

We leave next Wednesday! New York wasn't even on my radar for places to go, but frankly, I get excited going around the corner.

Anybody got any suggestions of shows, places, stuff not to miss?



Jules said...

Good morning and may I just say, YOU DON'T POST ENOUGH. I miss you and so to see you at the top of my blog roll 7 minutes ago was a treat.

I'd love a postcard from New York!!!

nitebyrd said...

Rockefeller Center, MOMA, The Guggenheim Museum, Times Square, Fifth Avenue, just being there at this time of year is INCREDIBLE!

Have a wonderful time!

Knight said...

UM...SERIOUSLY? I'm stuff not to miss!
I assume you intend to catch the Rockefeller tree with the ice skaters and whatnot. Very beautiful crazy touristness this season.

Grant said...

You posted on your own blog. Can you do that?

Georgina Dollface said...

Lucky, lucky you! I've never been there but my Mom loves the place. She wants to go there at least once a year now until she is too old to travel. So much to do and see! Have fun! - G

Jay said...

NYC is on my list of places to see during the Christmas season. Along with London.

Have a great trip!

SkylersDad said...

NYC scares this poor mountain boy.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I'll be there Saturday, and sorry I will miss you!

Carolyn said...

How long will you be there? The Statue of Liberty boat tour is fun. Best view you'll get. Avoid the Empire State bldg. Do the Top of Rockefeller instead. Ground Zero itself is a big construction site now. But across the street is an incredible 9/11 memorial at the church. It's almost surreal.

J.J. in L.A. said...

The Statue of Liberty is pretty cool.

Have fun!!!

yogurt said...

Now me? The romantic that I am? Would want to make a stop in Serendipity for ice cream (or a hot cafe mocha) like the John Cusack movie. I am such a big sucker for these sappy romances.

My other suggestion - bring lots of warm clothes, a good hat, good gloves. That wind can whip up and down those sidewalks.

Have a fabulous time!

doggybloggy said...

Dr Zibbs said...

I want to be there!

Micky said...

Wow you are in for a treat. I live 20 min from NYC and I love it especially this time of the year. As far as shows go if you can see Wicked (the story of the witches of oz and how they met)The best show ever!! i saw it 3 times

ny edge said...

Dear RLL,
just stumbled upon your blog & as a native NYer I'd like to offer some suggestions for your trip here.
Yes, a trip to Rockefeller Center (48 St. & 6 Ave.)is a must, but be prepared for a huge crowd! While in the area you can walk two blocks west to the TKTS booth in Times Square (Broadway & 47 St.) where you can buy 1/2 priced tickets to Broadway shows. They only offer tickets to shows that aren't sold out on that particular day, so the latest hits may not be available but there's usually plenty to choose from (BTW B'way tickets run about $100 a pop!).
I would also suggest checking out the amazing decorated windows at Macy's (34 St. & 6 Ave.) Lord & Taylor's (5 Ave. & 38 St.) and Bergdorf Goodman's (5 Ave & 58 St)
if you make it there, the horse buggy rides at Central Park are only one block further north on 59 St.
These are some of my "must sees" when taking out of town friends & family around at this time of year.
and last, but not least, check out web site:
they've got the best info & tips.
Also, if you'd like to visit some G&L places (might be hard with family in tow?) give me a holla.
have a great trip! DP

Boonie S said...

Have a great time! I’ve never been there either.

All the best, Boonie

tjames said...

I just went for Halloween and it was so fun. Make sure to go to ground zero and central park. Times square at night too. have fun

Slyde said...

honestly, at this time of year, you cant go wrong ANYWHERE In the city... just be sure to go to Midtown and times square.

and i only live about 30 minutes away... who knows, there could be a sighting!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

OK, NY Edge hit the top spots

Rockefeller Center

The three department stores...the window decorations will knock oyu out

TKTS in Times Square is the place for discount Broadway Shows

If you can do the Liberty island thing it is a site to behold up close as is Ellis Island where all the immigrants came through.

I will not mention Ground Zero because I have never visited after the murders.

You will see a billion "Original Rays Pizza" places in NY...they are not the originals! Best pizza in town is Johns Pizzeria at 278 Bleecker St, New York

Best deli in town - for the biggest sandwiches you will ever eat - pastrami, Corned beef YUMMO - is The Carnegie Deli 854 7th Avenue at 55th Street

have a great time in my hometown!

Knight said...

Oh hell yeah Vinny. Carnegie is amazing. The food will knock you out. Plus you can skip the lame Serendipity stop because they suck. If you want the New York Romance movie scene Carnegie is the home of Meg Ryan's orgasm!

You should also take a walk through little Italy and China town. They are right next to each other and it is certainly an experience.
Ground Zero is a construction site. There is nothing to see.

Another Suburban Mom said...

Everyone hit the fun spots. Absolutely layer. The wind really whips around the buildings.

The Circle Line Double Decker Tour Buses are a little pricey but lots of fun to see the city and once you buy a ticket you can hop on and off all day.

Don't eat breakfast in the hotel, its expensive. Hit a deli or bagel place.

Also, ask your conceriege where to go. If you have a smart phone load urbanspoon on it to help you find places.

Eat the following foods from carts:
Hot Dogs with Mustard and Sauerkraut
Roasted Chestnuts
Honey Roasted Peanuts

The subway is clean and safe, just study up where you want to go before you get on.

At Ground Zero there is a firefighter monument and there is a museum with a gift shop and they have the Cross at Ground Zero and its on the way to Battery Park if you are planning on seeing the Statue of Liberty.

Magnolia Cupcake in Rockefeller Center is also awesome.

Also, visit the hotel bar at one of the great hotels and enjoy a drink at the Plaza or the Waldorf Astoria.

Hit the 1/2 price tickets line in Times Square. Ask the people who are working the line about which shows to see. They will not steer you wrong.

If you go to the Empire State Building it could take you up to 2 hours to get to the top. Its worth it though. Do NOT take the 'virtual tour' its a rip off.

ny edge said...

Hey Knight,
agree with you & Vinny regarding Carnegie Deli....but the famous Harry Met Sally scene was shot in KATZ Deli!!!!!!
(a Houston St. landmark over 100 years old)

southernfemme said...

RLL, I miss your writing so much.

Knight said...

Thanks Edge. I remembered that about a day later but figured it was too late to bother. Katz is amazing as well. You can get one sandwich and eat it for a week.

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