Monday, November 30, 2009

Too Much In Common

I'm off on Monday's now. The recession has reached me and it's such a great thing to have more time for me. I love "me time."

I hit the gym this morning and did a sweet thing for a friend. Came home. Got my easel upstairs and the paints out. All my playthings ready to go.

The phone rings. It's my aunt. My other aunt's at her house and they both want me to come over. I'm in my painting clothes. A t-shirt, sweatpants and a fleece sweatshirt. Tacky. But I'm just running over for a little visit.

I get there and all of the neighborhood ladies are coming over for lunch. What a blast we had! Talking about their old days. The men that courted them and only wanted in their pants! How the things in my crackers in the kitchen are pantry moths. How we don't take shit anymore!

I called my friend to check in with her and told her what a great time I had.

Me: We laughed and talked and who knew old ladies would be so much fun?

Her: Well, you have a lot more in common with them now!

I'm only forty-four!!!!!!!!!!


Nadja Norden said...

Dearest RLL♥ Luv
Thank you so much for posting this picture! I like it, enjoy it. Once upon a time I will take it over in my Blog, maybe as ‘Pic of the Week’, of course mentioning you. I’ll let you know.
Tender kisses,
(Definitely Non Smoker :))

Anonymous said...

Bwaaaaa... too funny. I find the best coversations in a group of old people. They don't even talk about how the wagon became a rolls royce or how electricity made it possible to email hong kong... just their dates alone are so much fun to listen to!!

Sounds like you had yourself a hoot of a time.

SkylersDad said...

We always forget that old folks were young once, don't we?

Poindexter said...

it's all true. so much in common and narrowing in on that wonderful perspective too. sounds like a perfect day! -Diane

Jeanne said...

I spend a lot of time with my mother's younger sister (who is 85 now) and I love listening to her stories of when they were young girls, working as waitresses during WWII. What an interesting time they lived in....

Jay said...

It's fun to listen to old people. The things that were down right scandalous back in the day that are so benign today are amazing.

Ily said...

Ha! You're not the only one who enjoys spunky old ladies! I hope to be one someday!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...


Akelamalu said...

Are you sure she's your friend??? (wink)

Bond said...

You are only 44 but you now UNDERSTAND those things you did not when you were younger...

Nice that you had such a wonderful day

Lynette said...

yeah 44, 45, 46 who's counting anymore. i know that i hang with the olders a lot more now. and we all is too short not to have fun living it.

so that is why i visit you every chance i get....for my daily dose of fun.

Jormengrund said...


What's age, really?

I've stopped counting once I couldn't count my age on all my fingers and toes.

I mean, if you don't have the digits for it, why keep on trying?

That's for those brainiac-types.

I'll just be happy being me, and go on blissfully ignorant about how much further past 20 I am..

My wife keeps telling me that I'll be about to count each finger twice and get my age, but that's also extra work, and doesn't deserve to be thought of..

Don't you agree??

Sue said...

Old people are great... they sure do say the funniest stuff because they just don't give a shit.

nitebyrd said...

It's just that you're wise enough to appreciate them now.