Friday, September 5, 2008

Wild Things Meet Isaac, The Terrible

Wednesday evening, we took Trace and Isaac into the back yard for their evening romp. And romp, they did. Off to the field next to our lot that is grown up and wild looking. They ran around chasing each other, sniffing, and peeing to mark the lot as theirs. I've not taught them much about how money works. They think it's all in the peeing.

After a few minutes, their sniffers start going wild. They're running in tight circles. I know that they're on to some critter. Heaven only knows what lives out here in the sticks.

Isaac tucks his head down and has his mouth closed as he does as he's told and returns to the house. He is not happy.

My love: Isaac, what's in your mouth?

Isaac, closed mouthed: Mwruthin

My love: Isaac, we can see that you have something in your mouth. Drop it.

Isaac side steps to avoid her hands: Freamy, murufin's in my mouf.

My love: Issac...GIVE IT TO ME!

Isaac: NRO!

Me, from the top of the stairs: Oh no, it it a baby bunny?

My love: I don't think so (as she grabs Isaac's muzzle), it has a tail.

Isaac just eyes her sideways as she tries to make him open his mouth.

She forces Isaac's mouth open, he is a good boy most of the time, there would be no biting. Inside is what I feared. The tiniest of bunnies. It was a leg hanging out of his mouth. Not a tail. I had to go inside. I'm too soft for these things.

The fence guys are installing this week and hopefully the fence will be up by next. I think the bunny population should help out with the fence bill.

***The above pic is a little puppy porn from our last trip to Jamestown. Doesn't he look sweet!?


Jen said...

I love how they put their heads closer and closer to the ground when they've got something they know they shouldn't. It's like they think you won't be able to get it if they get as low as animally possible!

Dixie however, only does this with our socks. Lola brings us only the dead one's. Blehck. You should SEE how proud she is of the stiff smelly's. . .

Karen said...

I know it is the circle of life and all....but a baby bunny! Oh. I love bunnies.

Next time tell us it was mouse or a squirrel. Those don't tug at my heart strings. LOL.

Doc said...

You just can't keep a good dog down.


Anndi said...

I had a cat that liked to chase the field mice that would get into the house, his name was Boris. His brother Igor would just lay there and watch. Boris' favourite thing to do with his "catch" was to play with it and knock it around a bit (what a bully he was)... I actually had to do the dirty work and "dispatch" the mouse, I had no issues doing so.

But a bunny?

Oh how sad!

In a puppy porn related moment, I was sick in bed this week and Dum-Dum our Husky-Shepherd mix made the grossest sounds as he went to town on his nethers. It was revolting. *shudders* I could just hear the wahtchachawahchacha music in the background. *shudders again*

Lu' said...


Beth said...

he was only bringing you a gift! My Lab did this, and was SO PROUD of herself. of course, my kids ran away screaming at the top of their lungs and banished her from their presence...but she thought she did something grand!

Portia said...

Maybe he just wanted to play? I had a rottie once that used to catch small furry creatures that fit in his mouth, squirrels and whatnot.. they always came out soaking wet but unscathed.

lol@ the puppy porn, he is the cutest ever- and knows it:D

SkylersDad said...

What a cutie! Our oldest, Hootie, is blind now. The critters run right between his legs and he knows something is there but can't track it.

Brad said...

That sweet boy wouldn't hurt a fly - look at that face! I bet the bunny asked for his help. Really.

Craze said...

Ack! I couldn't watch either! My cats are always bringing me bird in their mouths, still flinching around.

ciara said...

ha ha @ puppy porn. cute dog. yeah, finding a bunny in your dog's mouth would not be cool, but i guess that's their instinct?

thx for stopping by my blog and commenting today. :) gonna check the rest of yours out.

Akelamalu said...

When I was a child we had a cat that used to bring us mice! :(

I had to laugh at the photograph it reminded me of a joke.

Boyfriend sat in lounge with girlfriend's father. Dog on rug in front of the fire licking its balls.

Boyfriend: "I wish I could do that!"

Father: "Give it a biscuit and it may let you!"

Jessica said...

What a cute puppy! I had to laugh at that story too. :) Sad for the bunny though! I moved in April, and now my yard is pretty big. I've seen some rabbits...there is even an abandoned rabbit hutch(is that what you call them?) in the backyard. Anyway, I'm worried that eventually my dog, Buddy will catch, and eat one. If I don't know about'll be ok, but to catch him with one....not a good thing.

Micky-T said...

I love Isaac already. What's he supposed to do, he's a dog?
Something tells me you guys have a very well behaved dog, the best kind in the whole wide world.

Dana said...

Poor Isaac! He hunts and brings you the reward, and then gets no appreciation!

Do you think they have HNT for dogs? *giggle*

Biscuit said...

I had something similar happen with my cat once. She kept darting out of my reach and telling me to get my own damn lizard.

g-man said...

Now that was funny, the presentation not the outcome.

I have had cats since I was a tot and am used to the whole "circle of life" bit with animals.

Travis said...

My mom's cats are going after the bunnies too. I'm a bit of a softy about that.

Anonymous said...

Sadly it looks like Isaac is not big enough to bring back anything worth eating, so the fence seems like a worthwhile investment. Either that or a bigger dog.

I'm practical like that.


Hedon said...

I guess I should be grateful that Maggie thinks the spotting of wild dangerous beasts -- like baby bunnies -- is her job and the actual catching of them is my job. Although I hate the way they taste in your mouth.

Isaac is a cute one. I can see Maggie is impressed by the way she's looking over my shoulder at the screen and nudging the mouse toward the archives looking for more pictures.

Hope the fence solves your problem.


Manager Mom said...

Oh...a bunny? I was kind of hoping for a rat. That would have been a public service.