Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day 2: Puno, Peru and Lake Titicaca

We leave Hotel Rosario and head to Puno, Peru. By bus, for 9 hours. I can't think. There's no air here in La Paz, Bolivia. As we board the bus, my uncle turns to me, "You have the tickets for this, right?"

Crickets. No, I don't.

"Did you give them to me?"
"Yes. All of them for this leg of the trip."

I remember late last night going to the tourism office in the hotel and setting it up and she gave us vouchers. Where did I put them? Shit. Shit. Shit. Where would I have put them? I look everywhere. They aren't with me. We ask the tour operator to wait on us while we get our vouchers for the bus, ferry, lunch and the hotel tonight reticketed. Fortunately, we're sitting in front of their office and they reprint them. The problem is that I have no memory of ever having them. My brain is oxygen deprived. Note to self: Be more careful with everything, especially you.

We begin driving, gaining more altitude and level out onto a road that takes us beside the lake. We pop coca leaves into the sides of our mouths and suck, but don't chew. We all have headaches and the coca leaves are supposed to help.

We cross Lake Titicaca on a ferry that I wouldn't send a load of feathers and cotton balls across on, and have a quick lunch at Copacabana, Peru. We plan a trip to Uros, the artificial Reed Islands on Lake Titicaca as soon as we arrive in Puno.

A storm is moving in and the colors on the lake are phenomenal.

Who wants to ride a reed boat to the next island? Me, me me! The serenity on the reed boat is beyond words. Quiet. Only the noise of two men paddling. Everyone maintains the quiet until two little girls that are riding with us begin singing for tips.

As we make our way back across the lake, the sun is setting and I am so tired. We find a dinner close to the hotel and on our way back I see a phone booth store where I call my love for the first time since leaving her. I'm a long way from home.


Leighann said...

Beautiful photos!

Dana said...

I continue to be amazed at the depth of color in everthing from the architecture to the landscape. Make me feel like we live in a sepia country.

Freakazojd said...

Wow, great photos again - I think the last 2 are my favourites.
Also...ahem...(*singing*): Laaake Titicaaacaaaaa!
I'm such a 9 year old.

Jay said...

That's just so amazing! Next time you go, I'm going with you! ;-)

R.E.H. said...

Wonderful pictures!

Thanks for taking us along for the ride... even without the smells and the sounds - we do get some of the visuals!


Tequila Mockingbird said...

ohhhhh what a beautiful sunset!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Gorgeous photos. That's about all I can say because I'm still staring at them and trying to imagine what real sunshine and water (that isn't the mon river) looks like :)

Jeff B said...

I feel like I'm part of the trip, only without the headache.

I'd like to copy that last photo into my computer for my wallpaper. Do you mind?

Matt-Man said...

Sweet looking sunset. Nice job RLL. Cheers!!

Sassy Mama Bear said...

I too feel as if I am there beside you....the reed boat ride sounds so intruguing.

Diva said...

It's hard going somewhere a world away and leaving someone behind. God bless collect calls and txt msgs.

You took some great pix!

tt said...

What sights you had. You made me feel like I was there.. right down to the 'leaves' thing....I can't imagine how that works....
I'm glad you're back home; safe and sound and w/ your love!

Jeff B said...

Thanks Lynn, now when I look at my screen it looks like I could just step into the water, ver cool.

Much appreciated.

Micky-T said...

I want to go, and stay for months!!
My nephew is driving to South America from New Hampsire to Argintina in a Volkswagon Rabbit that runs on deisel or vegetable oil. They are somewhere in Central America now, I think. On my blog the link Chitos Adventure is them. They don't post often.

Anndi said...

The pictures are so beautiful. The sunset... ahhhhhhh

We cross Lake Titicaca on a ferry that I wouldn't send a load of feathers and cotton balls across on

Now THAT was a visual!

buffalodickdy said...

Really great photos! Not fair- freshest air, with no oxygen in it!

Fortune Cookies said...

Tickets, Crickets...same diff.

those photos are absolutely phenomenal! who knew you were such a shutter-bug?