Monday, August 4, 2014

Float With Me?

Saturday afternoon, I receive a text….Wanna float tomorrow? Ahhh, these boys. I do love our neighbor gay boys. I left a bag of goodies on the porch after he moved in five years ago and we were fast friends. Of course, I was his only neighbor at the time, since the neighborhood was just starting…so maybe his options were limited. After he opened my goodie bag, he promptly made a casserole and brought it over. God, bless the casserole makers.

These boys are my brothers. Honestly, I'm not sure what I'd do without them in my world. I hear lots of people say that they have friends that are like family, but I wonder….really, would you do anything for them. Anything? What if they're ax murders and you suddenly find out. Will you visit them in prison? Because, I would visit these guys in prison if they turned out to be psychopaths. Mainly because I'd never believe it.

And so…yesterday, we floated. And played with a .99 cent beach ball. And had more fun than anybody has a right to. Just three 50-somethings and one 40-something (me) playing in a pool volleying a ball to each other. When you have love, you don't need much more.

I think I already know what my favorite activity will be at the nursing home!

P.S. I am not yet 50 and I didn't want you to be thinking that I was!